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business auditor using magnifying glass for paperwork fraud investigation

Are you on the hunt for a private detective service that is able to assist you with any discreet surveillance needs that you have, but you’re not sure where to begin? If so, there’s no reason to feel concerned – at Silver Shield Investigations, we provide a reliable and trustworthy set of private investigator services to ensure that we have the needs of our customers covered comprehensively. Based in the Salem, Oregon area, we’ve been fulfilling such service requests for a long time now, and we know exactly how to handle the most delicate and sensitive situations. The nature of our work is such that we always need to behave in a discreet fashion, and confidentiality is something that we take extremely seriously. If you need to uncover specific information, but you’re looking to do so quietly, we’re absolutely the kind of team that you should be looking at. To get a taste of the different services that we provide, just read on below:


  • Domestic and Infidelity
  • Missing Persons
  • Custody and Divorce Cases
  • Adoption Investigations
  • Insurance and Fraud
  • Civil Lawsuit Investigations


At Silver Shield Investigations, we make it our goal to provide a comprehensive array of service provisions for our customers, and as you can tell from the above list, this is something that we’ve managed to achieve consistently. Whether you’re trying to track down a missing person or you’re investigating your partner because you suspect infidelity is taking place, we’ll be able to offer the expertise that you’re seeking. Get in touch with us as a matter of urgency, and we’ll begin planning your investigation today.

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