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Missing Persons

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Every year, across the United States, people move away from the areas where they’re based, or people lose track of friends and loved ones as life gets in the way. We live in an enormous country, and discovering where people are without their existing contact information isn’t straightforward by any means – that’s why we offer a missing persons investigation service. You might be surprised to discover just how effective our private detective techniques are at tracking down missing persons, regardless of the specific reason that they’ve disappeared or are being looked for. At Silver Shield Investigations, we make it our goal to give you as much information as possible, ensuring that you can plan your next move accordingly. Read on below for further details on this service, or to find out just why we’re the number one private investigator team for these situations.


The Ease of Disappearing

In previous years, it wasn’t quite as easy as it is today to skip town and blend in with a new crowd. Cross-country travel is both accessible and affordable nowadays, and even international travel is possible too. That means the area in which people could be hiding is the greatest it’s ever been. Without industry knowledge or expertise, it’s likely to prove impossible to find the people that you’re searching for. Of course, by using our team, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of finding the person who you’re looking for.


Missing Person Types

In the past, we’ve dealt with a wide range of missing person situations on behalf of our customers. Many of the missing persons we’re tasked with finding have disappeared because of legal reasons. It could be that they’re trying to avoid a criminal or civil charge, that they’re avoiding paying alimony or child support, or that they’ve stolen a personal item or belonging. Of course, there are alternative missing person situations too. We’ve helped some people track down old friends and relatives who they’ve lost track of too, for example – naturally, we’re happy to help with any missing person situation that you’re experiencing.


Legal Witness Discovery

Sometimes, there are situations where you’re involved in a legal matter and your case hinges on the testimony of one individual, or multiple people. Naturally, if you don’t know where they are, this can make your life very difficult. We’re adept at tracking down legal witnesses to strengthen your case considerably. We understand that time is of the essence during such circumstances, and you simply cannot wait around for them to show up. We’ll make sure that we track them down without any undue delays.


Leveraging Discovery Systems and Records

To find a missing person, we need to make sure that we use a wide range of discovery and surveillance techniques, as this is often a difficult task. Our private investigator experts have the breadth of knowledge to make use of all of the record systems and databases out there. Rest assured, once we’re on the job, there’s no way that we won’t come up with the goods.

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