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Insurance and Fraud

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Year after year in the United States, there are issues of insurance fraud that cost companies and individual people billions of dollars on an annual basis – and many people feel that they’re powerfulness when they find themselves in such a situation. Of course, as understandable as that is, there are things that you can do to take care of such matters. It’s possible to avoid losing these huge sums of money by uncovering the lies and deceit being peddled by the fraudsters out there. While it might not be a simple matter, particularly if you’re trying to expose them on your own, a fraud investigation service might be capable of assisting you. At Silver Shield Investigations, we have a number of private investigator experts who are more than capable of finding out the truth on your behalf. Read on below for further information on this service provision.


Offering Additional Resources

Insurance companies are not idiotic, they understand very clearly when it’s likely that they’re being taken for a ride – but proving that fraud is taking place is an entirely different matter to suspecting that it’s going on. They’re simply not able to pursue investigations on all of the cases that they come across, and that’s where our insurance and fraud team can be of assistance. We can provide the additional resources that are required to make sure that the truth comes to light.


Confidentiality and Discretion

Catching someone in the act of committing fraud isn’t always straightforward. The people who are being investigated are well aware of what they’re doing, and how it’s wrong – and they’ll take precautions to make sure that their fraudulent behavior doesn’t come to light. This is why it’s even more important than usual to make sure that all investigative activities are discreet and confidential. If the person in question discovers that they’re being actively investigated, it’ll give them the heads-up that they need to conceal their fraud more thoroughly – in short, it’ll ruin the investigation! Naturally, we’ll do our best to make sure that nothing like that happens.


Varieties of Fraud

Fraud takes place in a wide range of situations and settings – with the amounts that fraudsters can cheat out of companies and individuals varying considerably based on the specific circumstances. In the past, we’ve helped with investigations relating to life insurance fraud, health insurance fraud, travel insurance fraud, workplace accident fraud, and so much more. There’s no fraud situation that you might be involved in that we’re not capable of assisting you with.


Service Quality

We’ve already mentioned previously just how much money is lost to fraudulent activity every year, and the potential for this to even bankrupt you isn’t insignificant, so it makes sense that you’d want to entrust the investigation to a team that has a rock solid service history. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we have at Silver Shield Investigations. We don’t make mistakes, we don’t miss critical information, we just get results. You’ll be taking the prudent course of action by bringing us into the fold.

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