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Domestic and Infidelity

Private detective with camera spying from car

Many people associate private investigator services with domestic and infidelity situations, and it’s easy to see why. As an eminently relatable situation to many people, it’s quite common for us to receive service requests in relation to personal matters like this. At Silver Shield Investigations, we have a number of personal investigator professionals who are more than capable of digging up the dirt that you need to prove, one way or the other, whether your partner is involved in cheating situations. Of course, we’re also able to offer our expertise in a range of other domestic investigation situations as well. If you have any such need for a service either now or in the future, all you need to do is reach out to our customer service team to begin the process.


Acting Discreetly
Many people have their partners and loved ones investigated because they believe that they’re acting in an untoward fashion and jeopardizing their relationship, but if it comes to light that you’re investigating your partner, the relationship is quite likely to end in any case – even if they weren’t doing anything wrong. This is why it’s so crucial that when the investigation is taking place, the work is done in a discreet and confidential manner. We won’t allow our activities to come to light, which means that you’ll be shielded from any possible consequences should we be discovered.


Raised Suspicions

When people suspect their partner of having an affair or being involved in infidelity, it’s not usually for no reason. In these situations, it’s almost always the case that the partner is behaving in a suspicious manner that causes alarm bells to start ringing. Some classic red flags include the person spending long periods of time away from home without obvious explanations, them being particularly possessive and protective of their phone or computer, and lots of unexplained spending. Of course, some people are better at covering their tracks than others, so you don’t necessarily need substantial grounding to feel worried about infidelity.


Varied Techniques

At our company, we use a wide range of surveillance techniques to make sure that we uncover all of the information required to discover the truth. Typically, our investigations will see us subtly monitoring the movements of your partner, but we’ll also be able to make use of GPS tracking, computer forensics, phone data recovery, and lots more. Rest assured, with our breadth and depth of knowledge, there’s no chance that we’ll be unable to find out the truth if they’re hiding something.


Pre-Marital Investigation Procedures

Another domestic investigation request that we regularly receive, pre-marital investigations are concerned with uncovering as much information as possible about a partner before a marriage takes place. We get these requests from partners involved in the relationship, as well as from people who are close to the partners (like family and friends). It’s far better to find out any relevant information before a marriage goes ahead, as it could give you reason to reconsider the situation.

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