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Custody and Divorce Cases

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During our years of service, we’ve helped many people with custody and divorce cases, and it probably won’t surprise you to find out that these can often be unpleasant affairs. There’s a thin line between love and hate, and the worst often comes out from people during such times. With that being the case, it’s always good to be armed to the teeth with information that could prove to be instrumental in ensuring a fair and swift outcome to the divorce or custody proceedings that are at hand. Silver Shield Investigations has an extensive service history in this regard, and is more than capable of overcoming any present challenges or difficulties to deliver the information that you need. For some further insights into this service, either reach out to our customer service team or read on below.


Critical Information

One of the reasons that divorce cases are generally so unpleasant and messy is because by the time of a divorce, most married couples have a lot of valuable shared assets that need to be divided. Of course, most divorces do not just turn up out of the blue, so it’s entirely possible that a partner has spent some time squirreling away money and other assets in the event of a divorce – assets that you’re at least partly entitled to. A private detective service can help you to uncover any money or belongings that you have a claim to, so that they can be fairly divided.


Possibility of False Allegations
Many people have false allegations thrown their way during divorce and custody proceedings to make it harder to achieve a fair outcome, and this is definitely something that you need to be conscious of. We’re capable of compiling information that would dispute the claims made by your soon-to-be ex-spouse, ensuring that their lies do not result in a more favorable settlement for them. Additionally, it’s possible that exposing their falsehoods could actually result in you getting a more generous settlement, so it’s even possible you’ll make gains in this way.


Missing Spouses

One of the issues that some people face when they’re trying to get a divorce forced through is that their spouse disappears, in an effort to prolong proceedings and stop the divorce from taking place. While there are measures available through the legal system to overcome these difficulties, the process can be arduous and painstaking, to say the least. Our expertise with missing persons can be useful here in tracking down your spouse, either to get them to sign the documents, or so that you can make contact with them of your own accord.


Custody Investigations

If you feel that you need extra ammunition to help you gain custody of your children, then it’s wise to use a private investigator service like ours. We can ferret out information relating to your ex-partner’s living situation, day to day lifestyle, financial situation, and so much more – all of this can be used to give yourself a more solid footing in terms of custody.

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