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If you’re looking for a first class private investigator to help you with a divorce investigation, or to assist you with uncovering the location of any missing persons, you’re in luck – Silver Shield Investigations is the best private investigator service in the Salem, Oregon region. We’ve been providing reliable and affordable private detective services for many years now, and we’ve always managed to come up with the requested information that our previous customers have needed. Our number one priority is always the complete satisfaction of our customers, and if you have any special requests or requirements, we’ll do what we can to accommodate them. This kind of service quality is part and parcel of the everyday experience that we deliver at Silver Shield Investigations.


The private investigation processes that we carry out are discreet and confidential, and completed by experienced private detectives with backgrounds in either the intelligence or security industries. You might be surprised to find out just how effective services like ours are, and how it could help you with your personal circumstances. To arrange a consultation with any of our private investigators, or to get any of your questions answered regarding our various services or pricing structures, speak to our customer service team without any further delay. They’re available through our main telephone number or via our online contact form – both can be accessed through our company website. Speak to them today, and you’ll be doing the very best for yourself going forward.

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