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Silver Shield Investigations

Private Investigator

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Many people will go their whole lives without ever considering the use of a private investigator, and so it might surprise you just how such a service can prove useful in relatively common situations. A private detective can help you to keep your personal life in order, help with establishing and rejuvenating personal relationships, and so much more.

Obviously, it’s required that such private investigator services act in a confidential and discreet fashion, which is exactly what you can expect from our team. Make no mistake, a private investigator has the potential to change your life for the better, all you need to do is reach out to us to begin the process.

About Us

At Silver Shield Investigations, we’ve made it our mission to give the people of Salem, Oregon the private investigation services that they need to move forward with their lives wherever necessary. The application of private investigation services is very broad, there really are all sorts of situations where it could be useful – and our extremely experienced private detectives have an extensive service history that makes them perfect for any kind of circumstances that you’re struggling with. Of course, we also do our best to make the services that we’re offering as affordable and value-packed as possible too – so you’re definitely getting a fantastic package if you decide to place your trust in our team.

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    Our Services

    At our company, we do our best to give the people across the Salem, Oregon region the most comprehensive and flexible range of private investigation services possible – and this is something that we feel we do an excellent job at. In the past, we’ve offered our expertise to help with tracking down missing persons, for fraud investigation situations, for background investigator needs, and so much more. If you have any need for a private investigator whatsoever, we’re absolutely the number one choice in the region. Some people feel hesitant to use such a service because they wonder how much it costs to hire a private investigator, but the real question is: can you afford not to?

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    Domestic and Infidelity

    If you believe that your partner might be cheating on you, you shouldn’t wait around to find out. Some people are very good at covering their tracks, and you’ll only catch them in the act if you hire a service like ours. Of course, we can also help you with an array of other domestic situations – depending on your needs. For example, we’re often tasked with pre-marital investigations. If you have any such needs, arrange a consultation with our customer service team.

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    Missing Persons

    Missing person cases can be particularly challenging nowadays, as moving further afield and even abroad is much easier than it used to be. Nevertheless, we have the expertise and experience to track down people however far they move away. This kind of service can be useful for tracking down debtors who are fleeing, or it’s equally good for locating missing family and friends who you’ve lost track of.

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    Custody and Divorce Cases

    We provide high quality custody and divorce investigation services to the people in the Salem area – and this type of provision has proven to be critical in helping people achieve fair and even favorable settlements in their particular situations. We’ll make sure that you’re not wrong by your ex-partner, and that your children are given the best situation moving forward.

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    Adoption Investigations

    More and more often, we’re being given the task of finding biological families on behalf of adopted children (as well as the inverse). We’re happy to provide a service that helps people to reunite with their family and establish relationships. Of course, it’s possible that you’re having this process carried out so that you can find out more about your inherited health conditions and wellbeing too.

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    Insurance and Fraud

    If you’re one of the unlucky parties that has been targeted by a fraudster, then you don’t have to just sit there and take it – you can hire a fraud investigation service to uncover the truth for you. This service has the potential to save you thousands and thousands of dollars if fraud is taking place. We have the resources and expertise to uncover wrongdoing in a silent and confidential manner.

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    Civil Lawsuit Investigations

    Civil lawsuits can hinge on the tiniest details and evidence, but if you don’t have access to the critical proof that will give you a favorable judgement, what are you going to do? Our investigation team can make sure that you have access to all of the relevant information required to reach a favorable outcome.

    Contact Our Team Today

    At Silver Shield Investigations, we do our utmost to ensure that each and every one of our customers get the outcome that they’re seeking – and we think this is something we’ve done an excellent job at over the years. If you’d like any questions regarding our services or prices answered, or if you’re looking to arrange a consultation, speak to our customer service team today. You can reach them by using our main telephone number during our regular working hours, or by using our online contact form outside of those hours. Both contact points are found on our website. Give us a call today, you won’t regret doing so.

    “I was so, so impressed with the pros at Silver Shield Investigations for all their efforts on my adoption investigation. I’ve finally found my birth mom, it really means the world to me. I wouldn’t have this wonderful relationship if it weren’t for the guys at this company.” – Becky A.

    “I’ve been using Silver Shield Investigations for all my corporate investigator needs for years now, and they’ve always done a great job. The number of people we’ve found committing fraud is frankly absurd, but they never get away with it thanks to these guys.” – Cory P.

    “These professional and discreet investigators are a reliable team that I’d certainly use again. I found out my ex-partner had been using drugs around my kids and got evidence that gave me full custody. What more can I say? 100% recommended.” – Dean P.